Core Programs

Academic Success

Our Academic Success programs integrate school learning with enjoyable activities and foster a culture of high expectation and achievement. Our core Academic Success programs improve literacy, enforce homework completion, expand access to STEM program, engage youths in the arts and prepare teens for college and careers. These programs include:


  • Power Hour, which provides homework assistance and tutoring for Club members ages 5-12.
  • Diplomas to Degrees (d2D), which provides a range of services—including mentoring, individualized tutoring, and college- and career-readiness activities—to high school students.
  • Career Launch, which helps young people to assess their skills and interests, explore career options and make informed decisions about education and work.
  • STEM, which involves members participating in science, technology, engineering and math projects and activities.
  • Summer Brain Gain, a month of hands-on, fun activities geared toward preventing summer learning loss.
  • Arts activities and instruction including dance, drum line, painting, drawing, choir and digital design.

 In our interactions with Club members, BGCC actively promotes education as an essential tool for adult achievement. Our programs are designed to increase graduation rates, decrease school absenteeism and encourage kids to create post-secondary goals by teaching basic educational disciplines, technology and the arts.

Good Character & Citizenship

We help our kids help their neighborhoods, families and fellow citizens.

Our Character and Citizenship programs encourage service to the Club and community, promote respect for self and others and build leadership skills. Youth following this path are
less likely to fail, get suspended, drop out of school or get involved with the police – and are
more likely to continue their education beyond high school.

Our Club Social Worker leads the daily Positive Action program which teaches children that positive thoughts lead to positive actions which result in positive outcomes.  We work with children every day helping them to focus on the positive both interpersonally and in their relationship with others.

Boys & Girls Club’s programs foster character development, healthy relationships and develop young leaders who contribute to their communities.

Healthy Lifestyles

We help kids make positive choices about their health.

Our Healthy Lifestyles program nurture members overall well being by promoting healthy habits and reducing
risky ones.

Triple Play – multi-faceted program that integrates mind (nutrition awareness and education), body
(physical activity –sports leagues, dance, etc.) and soul (social activity and recreation) to achieve good health.

SMART Girls – a program for female club members ages 11 and older that engage participants in a variety of activities that build physical and psychological wellness.

Passport to Manhood – uses engaging activities to teach personal responsibility and positive character
development to male Club members ages.