Are you ready to inspire Jefferson City’s kids?

Are you ready to inspire Jefferson City’s kids?  We are always looking for professional, dedicated and fun individuals to join us in developing our community’s young people.  Check out our current job postings below to find a position that’s right for you.

For the safety and health of our employees and the children we serve, we maintain a drug-free work environment.  All applicants must pass a comprehensive background screening.   Boys & Girls Club is an equal opportunity employer. 

Youth Development Professional

Be a role model, mentor and youth development leader.  Boys & Girls Club is looking for individuals to lead a group of children during the after school program.   Youth Development Professionals ensure children are safe, well supervised and are having fun all while delivering academic and enrichment curriculum which is provided.

PAY RATE: $11.65-$15/hour

REQUIREMENTS: Must be 18. 1-2 years of experience taking care of children and/or camp counselor experience preferred. Positions are available at different site locations most starting between 2:30 – 3:00 p.m. and ending between 6 – 7:00 p.m.).  Some sites require reliable transportation.  All sites require staff to work  Monday through Friday.

Youth Development Professional Expectations

Youth Development Professionals (YDP) are expected to provide supervision, instruction, and mentoring moments to our Club members each day. We require staff with maturity and the ability to remain calm in sometimes chaotic conditions while dealing with members who sometimes have more exuberance than self-control. In addition, YDP’s are expected to model good character (remaining calm, speaking respectfully), good citizenship (leaving your workspace clean, assisting others) and a respect for academic achievement (reading with and to members, assisting with school homework, speaking Standard English while with the members).

To apply, please complete the Job Application form and worker registration.

Head Cook

Job description
To serve the Boys & Girls Club members a nutritious meals in an atmosphere of efficiency, cleanliness, and warmth.

  • Plans and directs the preparation and serving of all food in the cafeteria.
  • Assumes responsibility for the security of food and supplies.
  • Supervises the storage and care of foods and supplies.
  • Checks all bills purchase orders, annual productions records and period inventories for accuracy before presenting them to the Director of Administration.
  • Oversees and participates in the cleaning of kitchen, serving, storage and dining areas.
  • Instruct new cafeteria employees in performing their assigned tasks.

PAY RATE: $12.00-$14.00/Hr; hours:12:00 – 6:00 pm M-F
Part-Time Monday-Friday